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Warfarin & Beetroot

My colleagues often told tell me the benefits of beetroot. Besides being rich in nutrient betaine (which is vital for good cardiovasular health), Beetroot has been used for medicinal purpose, & seems to be blood cleansing





Having Beetroot helps lower blood pressure, & may also protect against liver disease, particularly the build up of fatty deposits in the liver caused by alcohol abuse, protein deficiency, or diabetes.  

Beetroot & Warfarin

I had tried having a small slice of Beetroot in the past, but found the strong muddy smell unacceptable. In an attempt to include Beetroot in my diet, I took pure Beetroot juice (about 200ml) just before lunch one fine day. I recalled reading an article somewhere that having fruits or fruit juices before meal allowed better absorption of nutrients by the body.


That day, I gulped down the glass of 200ml Beetroot as I was thirsty. About 15 mins later, my skin felt damp. I felt unwell, & was having cold sweat.  My pulse rate was faster than usual, & my limbs felt weak. I was feeling dizzy too. This uncomfortable feeling lasted for about 20mins before I started to feel any better. Half an hour later, I felt ok again.


I was not sure what had caused that reaction, except that I had pure Beetroot juice before that. I did not manage to measure my INR then, so I was pretty clueless if my INR was unstable then. My only guess was, the Beetroot juice might have triggered some sort of chemical reaction (which I was unable to explain) when it interacted with my warfarin medication.


Thereafter, I make it a point not to consume Beetroot in significant quantity again, be it in the form of food or juice. But I find that that it is ok to take a little beetroot juice, like when I add it in my mixed fruit juices.



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