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Warfarin & Garlic

I am a Garlic lover. I like the pungent, stinging feeling of fresh cut Garlic in my mouth. I like it with my Yong Tau Fu soup, fried rice, spaghetti, Lo Mee & many others. It is akin to taking chilli with your food.


The difference is raw Garlic offers more benefits, such as vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, together with a variety of agents that have anti-microbial and cholesterol-changing effects.



I started realizing that Garlic interfered with my INR when I failed my INR repeatedly for a period of time. Then, I simply loved fresh Garlic & had it almost daily for weeks.


When I went for my INR test, it was 2.8, instead of my usual 2.0. This was despite me having extra servings of high Vitamin K food (such as Garlic & Warfarinbroccoli & dark, leafy vegetables).Before my test result was out, I had expected to have lower INR. 



The same thing happened even though I made an effort to avoid those “unsure” foods from my diet. It was only after some time that I suspected Garlic could be the reason for my elevating INR. I stopped taking fresh Garlic immediately, & noticed my INR went back to its idea range after a few days. Also, I did some research on the properties of Garlic & found out that it had anti-clotting effects.



The key to this problem is really moderation. I still love my fresh Garlic, & will continue to have it in my meals occasionally. But I will avoid excessive intake of fresh Garlic now that I know it has potential interactions with Warfarin.


However, it may be interesting for you to know that cooked Garlic, such as fried shallots, does not seemed to have the same effect as fresh Garlic. At least not for me.

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